The Best Dating Tips


Every man wants to be extraordinary in bed and please his girlfriend. You want your girl to have a great experience in bed and always stick to you. You want her thoughts to be tied to you and always think of you. You would like to learn how to cry for more of you because you are giving her the best that she has never got from any other man. This will ultimately make her feel good, and also will make you feel better since you will be comfortable that she is not out there cheating. There are many pieces of advice from ManhoodLessons that you can follow to make this happen, to blow her mind. It is never easy but trying has always yielded fruits.

What many men fail is to understand women's mind is the biggest sexual organ. The first step is to stimulate her mind before she starts to beg for any action. Outside the bed, you must make her have some picture of what it is going to happen the moment you enter your bed. You must show how hot and good it will be between you and her in your bedtime. She will be very aroused and will want to get home quickly and experience what you are telling her. Always build anticipation and urge. This is very effective especially for those who never used to have sex before.

Sexting is a very effective way of building mental pictures and anticipation.  Text messages when done craftily can have a stimulating effect that will make your partner become very enticed and wanting. Always let her be suspicious of what you are going to do her tonight. Create suggestive texts that will arouse her imagination. To learn more about dating, visit .

Another way to make her crazy over you is to use soft dirty talk. When out there, always tell her what Is awaiting her tonight in the bed. This will get her up and wish that you get home quickly. You should let her build the tension so that, the moment you will have her in your bed, she will be begging you.

When in bed, there are physical techniques that you can use to make her crazy. You can start by kissing her very deeply and passionately. This can be done on the lips and inside the mouth. Kiss her face and the neck as well as her arms and her back. Don't be in a rush to enter into the action. Make her reach the peak of arousal until you realize that she is now ready to make love with you. These are some of the easy and quick ways you can try to your spouse to make her want more always. Find out why do black guys like fat white women here!